Posted by: tlnemethy | February 26, 2013

Screwing The System

I don’t understand people. Guys are always saying they don’t understand girls and girls just say the same thing about the boys, but what we really should be using instead of the gender specificity is the population as a whole. No one knows another person, we may vaguely have an idea of what they would do, sometimes even calling their moves before they happen, but no one can know in actuality every situation and time.

I work for a company that deals mainly with low-income families and the elderly, and even though one might think that I’m doing a service by helping the stigmatized less fortunate there are just times when I get angry at the people playing the system. We give you assistance when you need it, only once because we have a lot of people to help, but still we give you that little extra to help you through the month. Of course, when I’m on the phone with the sweet, thankful people who honestly do need our help it’s an extremely rewarding day of work. The people who take advantage bother me so much more than they normally would, if only because they are getting our assistance and can’t leave it at that.

Don’t be greedy. We have people taking applications for themselves knowing that their elderly parents won’t be able to get through to us for assistance, people that see the option of applying for themselves or others and not even a nanosecond passes before they cast that thought aside in lieu of their own comfort. It’s a tough decision, I completely understand that. I don’t know what I would do if I was in dire straights and had to choose between my own benefit and selflessness. I don’t mind when people choose themselves over others, courtesy only takes us so far in life. But, I’ve never been more proud of humanity than when a grandchild calls in for a widower with bad hearing and forgoes their own application for another time when they can get through to us.

Attitude makes all the difference when dealing with us. I can tell by the first sound of the voice if the customer is going to be a hassle or a jerk, but that’s expected at times. I don’t worry about the angry customers because they are few and far between, they just call to complain or rant and most of the time if you just let them go off on you they’ll calm down and thank you at the end of the call. Not every time, but some of the time.

Cheaters never prosper, right? What a crock.  Cheaters are the most prosperous of us all, but damned if I don’t respect the journey. You could say that anyone cunning enough to make their way in life without taking their lumps is just playing the game wisely and that fairness is just a word to teach to children when you want a piece of their Halloween candy. Fairness. Anyone who complains that something isn’t fair is just being a whiner. Fairness is not something that exists in the adult world. Do I wish it did? Of course. But then again, how often would I feel screwed over if I didn’t get what I deserved because someone else didn’t get it either?

Take your lumps in life. Stop whining. Frown upon the cons, but secretly note their strategies. I’m young and my advice isn’t worth a lick of salt to most, but someday it just might have a noticeable potential. Keep your eyes peeled because the world isn’t following your sunday school etiquette. Learn to lie and learn to bend to situations, but also know when the time is appropriate to use those skills.


  1. “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

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