Posted by: tlnemethy | February 23, 2013

Grind It ‘Til You Find It

I’m not quite sure why WordPress is being temperamental with me right now, but all I really want to do is get a post out to you guys. Anyways,I don’t talk much about my blue bomber, so I might as well let you in on that little beauty. She’s my [kind of new] convertible, a blue badass with a temper. Fondly dubbed Squirtle, after a water Pokemon, she can rock her shell or go without.

Now, I bought her knowing that I’d have to learn stick and it’s been an oddly fulfilling, yet terrifying process. “Grind it ’til you find it,” were the parting words of  a guy I bought it from. Oh how true those words have become. One day I took her out by myself and, since it’d been a while since a lesson, shifted completely wrong the entire drive. I was all confused at its behavior until I pulled back into the driveway and looked at the diagram on the stickshift. Instead of ramping up gears numerically I’d been jumping from first to third to fifth then straight to second and fourth. She was a trooper though. Since that night I’ve been shifting correctly, although sometimes a tad jarringly.

I got on the highway the other day for the sole reason of not wanting to drive my standard up a hill. And by the word drive, I realistically mean stall it in the stop and go traffic and roll backwards into the car behind me. The sad part is that I’m really a pretty decent standard driver when no one is in the car with me and/or if the roads are not full of traffic. They make me nervous, and usually not the I’m gonna get into an accident kind of nervous but more of  not wanting to embarrassingly hold up traffic flow.

When I stall and there’s someone behind me the chances of me stalling multiple more times is exponentially greater than the chances of me stalling in an empty parking lot at 3am. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. Today I drove away from work while I was trying to get to work. I know this doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but if you’ve seen the main road off which I live you just might understand how taking a left is sometimes impossible. I didn’t circle around the entire block though, I turned into an intersection that actually stops traffic to allow left turns. They are quite handy at times, but mostly I avoid anything with a mercurial lighting system that I can’t pinpoint with precision.

But hey, at least now I plan out my routes carefully and think through my decisions without spontaneity. Squirtle’s doing well, and I think we’ll have a long relationship, at least long enough for me to ride top down, with a sweet old lady chinstrap hat on.

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