Just figured I’d make a little list of the wheres and the whats so I don’t keep you too close to the edge of your seats. I won’t really go in any specific order when I work in these states, but I might as well list them and their ideas in alphabetical, and easily browsable viewing order.

  • Alabama- Cast Iron,
  • Alaska-King Salmon *COMPLETED*
  • Arizona- Copper mining
  • Arkansas-
  • California-Winery
  • Colorado-Ski Resort, Hot Springs,
  • Connecticut-
  • Delaware-
  • Florida-Oranges
  • Georgia-Peaches
  • Hawaii-Pineapple, Luau,
  • Idaho-Potatoes
  • Illinois-
  • Iowa- Administrative Assistant, Volunteer Firefighter, EMT *COMPLETED*
  • Kansas-Tornadoes, Victory doughnut shop
  • Kentucky-Bourbon
  • Louisiana-Crawdads, Gators, Gumbo
  • Maine-Lobster
  • Maryland-Crabcakes
  • Massachusetts-Cranberries
  • Michigan-Cherries, Beekeeping
  • Minnesota- Lifeguarding & Teaching Journalism at a summer camp.
  • Mississippi-Mud Pie, Steamboats
  • Missouri- Organic and Biodynamic Farming *Completed*
  • Montana-
  • Nebraska-Corn, Windmills, Alternative Fuel
  • Nevada-Vegas
  • New Hampshire-Granite quarries, Cashier and Phone Representative *COMPLETED* but willing to work another job.
  • New Jersey-Tanning
  • New Mexico-
  • New York-Deli
  • North Carolina-
  • North Dakota-Oil Fields
  • Ohio- Technical Writer, Florist, Assembler *COMPLETED*
  • Oklahoma-
  • Oregon-Mills,
  • Pennsylvania-Amish
  • Rhode Island-Clams
  • South Carolina-Barbecue, Submarines
  • South Dakota-
  • Tennessee-Walking horses,Bourbon, STEM enthusiast working with kids. *COMPLETED*
  • Texas-Guns, Cattle
  • Utah-Mining,
  • Vermont-Maple Syrup, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Virginia-Tobacco
  • Washington-Rain, Sailboats,
  • West Virginia-Moonshine,
  • Wisconsin-Cheese
  • Wyoming-Rodeos

Feel free to comment me suggestions. A lot of the states I have neither visited nor studied thoroughly. Set me on my path and you could say that you were the one who got me to one of my 50 jobs. I welcome suggestions and appreciate those who have an interest in what I’m attempting.

Other ideas: Mine work, carpentry, sheep ranching, construction, antique repair…


  1. Tori, this seems like such a great idea and I can’t wait to read all about your travels over the coming years, I’m sure in no time your life will be much more exciting than mine! I just read an article relating to this post here ( and thought you may like to read it. Best of luck with your next job and just know, you have a follower for life! 🙂

  2. Tori you need to make this into a documentary!

  3. Wow *** Tori

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