Posted by: tlnemethy | November 8, 2012


Have you ever stood in line at the airport and watched a family obviously going on their annual vacation? I love watching them because I’m mesmerized with how much stuff they could possibly need for a week-long trip. Well, kids need a lot more stuff because they’re messy or need to be “entertained.” False. I don’t think you need any more stuff for kids older than wearing diapers. Babies, sure you need bottles and changes of clothes and diapers and car seats, etc. After diapers end, so should the excessive packing. Though, I do find those little rolling animal bags adorable when I see them trailing a child.

Don’t do it. Don’t succumb and buy those adorable suitcases for your grinning mini- me. Chances are they won’t outlast your child’s youth or hold anything because miniature you cannot bear to carry the weight of anything more than a snack and an electronic device. Seriously. If they come in my size I will buy it and love it and use it until the zippers give out. But what child is going to be in love with Spongebob or Superman or even a bumblebee forever? Kids change their minds and what they proudly sport one trip may not be even remotely desirable on the next.

Pack light. Pack essentials. Seriously. I’m a grown ass woman and I can fit all my gear for A MONTH in a decent sized backpack that will STILL fit under an airplane seat. The most common source of frustration I’ve witnessed in airports in due to luggage being lost, late, overweight, or even having way too much for each person to carry. Don’t plan on using carts: they are a hassle, and damned if they don’t cost money as well. Not only does checking the extra suck, but when you have a handful of bags and are looking for a boarding pass or ID you can occasionally look at the pile near your feet completely at a loss of where to start searching.

A vacation is a vacation. Yet more people get stressed on the two travel days involved than get a complete relaxation effect while lounging on a beach. Why set yourself up for a loss? Pack a sturdy bag that you can carry with you because there’s nothing worse than getting to Bermuda and realizing your luggage was sent to Seattle instead. “Well, I’m sure the sun can kiss my skin through my jeans and long sleeve too.” Said no one ever. When traveling, Ziplocs are your friend whether for your important travel documents or those dripping bottles of gel and shampoo. Separate and conquer. TSA loves when you actually know what you’re doing because then they don’t have to repeat the same phrase over and over, directing it to an individual rather than the crowd. And for those of you who get patted down no matter what (I raise my hand enthusiastically), I’ll be detailing proper airport security protocol next.

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