Posted by: tlnemethy | November 4, 2012

Busy Bee

This last week has been a blur of events and moments that haven’t happened to me since leaving Alaska. I, like many people, have been applying to various work postings like a fiend. The application process is thrilling, yet oh so boring at times. The idea of finally putting my degree to use is so exciting that I get stoked just seeing a job ad with the words “writer.” Doesn’t matter what type of writing, really I love any genre that utilizes letters. Of course, the ads that sometimes catch my eye are flashy and appeal to my ambitiously creative persona, job ads that boast tales of freedom in the work place, ability to pitch your own ideas or find your own niche. But then I think of all those forgotten postings that very well could offer the same opportunities, but in time.

Why work in an environment that is doing well on its own? Where’s the job security or the appreciation for doing a job that’s already been done by different hands? Sure, these jobs offer the benefits of learning from experienced writers and soaking up their own personal brand of stylistic writing, but branching out seems so much more me. Don’t get me wrong, they both offer great and wonderful opportunities, especially for getting your foot in the door. But, why choose the prestige when you can help create it?

I have things to learn. I hope that I never stop seeking out the upgrades to the software of myself, that I never sit complacently in a job I’ve done for years without trying to find new ways to communicate. I have high hopes. The world has yet to stomp on them, sure they’ve been nipped and scuffed, and they emerge a little tattered but completely without a loss. We wind up misshapen and deformed, but tenderized and all the sweeter. Work has a way of roughing people up and making them regret the paths they’ve chosen, but I can’t see that happening to me. Call me naive or an optimist, or whatever, but I have high hopes for my own future and because of that I might add a little spark to the words that I write. Better qualified candidates will always exist, but technology can be learned and skills can be trained for. Drive and personality are much harder to obtain.

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