Posted by: tlnemethy | June 21, 2015


Very few things can get me out of bed before 6am. Generally speaking, I usually reserve that time for sleeping or going to the airport. I consider those the only two options worthwhile. For the past few weeks though, I’ve been eagerly getting up at the ass crack of dawn to put on sneakers and go to the box.

I’m not sure what it is about doing Crossfit that I really enjoy, but when I’m there and dying I’m still wanting to come back for more. I spend a good majority of my workday thinking about what the next class will bring or what I should be working on in the meantime. It’s an obsession. The classes are small enough that it feels like I almost have my own personal trainer and that really helps me considering I have no idea what I’m doing with the whole weight lifting thing.

Even something as simple as doing a squat was apparently something I didn’t do right. I was always on my toes, which is probably a personal thing, but it doesn’t make for very stable positioning. But damn do I have strong toes. You should see me pick up stuff with them.

Anyways, maybe it’s the atmosphere, maybe the music, maybe it’s being surrounded by extremely good looking people. No, you’re right. It’s probably the extremely good looking people. Like seriously though, I was watching one trainer demonstrate kipping pullups the other day and he was doing them in slow motion, like realllllly slow motion. Slow motion makes everything look so simple. Like, hell yeah I can do that. And then I get to the bar and I’m just dangling there awkwardly. Smooth, real smooth.

Another time a different trainer was doing handstand pushups and I’m just standing in a half circle with everyone else (only one of whom can actually do handstand pushups) and we are all just transfixed. That’s probably why they’re trainers.  Anyways, after the trainer showed off for us and gave out the easier modifiers we’re all doing our own version of handstand pushups and I’m dying and I’m only on round one of four. So I’m upside down with my legs on a wall and trying not to collapse onto my face with the trainer yelling some motivational mumbo jumbo when all of a sudden there’s a furry face licking me. Of course, this is a bit surprising and I start laughing which does nothing good for my handstands, but all I’m thinking of is not crushing this dog. So I finish my pushups and collapse on the ground and just hang out with this sweet pitbull and it totally made my day.


  1. Wow, even I can’t muster the initiative to attempt the Crossfit craze. So glad you keep up with these blogs as I still tune in. Hoping you are doing well – been thinking about you as I am up in Bristol Bay helping with sockeye management. Let’s chat soon! -John

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