Posted by: tlnemethy | October 21, 2013

To The Company Store

Success is supposedly the best revenge.

I’m not very vengeful, I don’t think. But, to be successful is something I’m striving for. There are, of course, different means of success. There are the versions that require monetary wealth, those with a large circle of peers who respect you, or even those that include a wealth of experiences. I didn’t jump right into the workforce after college and I guess you could suppose that I’m behind the curve on an “adult job.” I have the degree. In fact, I graduated with the degree a few years earlier than I was supposed to and that kind of dedication and promise was supposed to easily transition me into a lifetime of working the same job that I’d been training for.

After Alaska, which was supposed to be my last hurrah before the real world, I just kept moving around and working different jobs. It isn’t something that employers love to see, not really. They want stability and the promise of a good long stay in their employ not a nomad who just so happens to be wandering through. I can understand that. But I’m a writer. Born and bred for the sound of a keyboard clicking away after a long hard day of doing something brand new. I’m a storyteller, yes. A storyteller. Give me your story and I’ll add it to my collection.

Sure, sometimes I struggle to meet the payments on my college loans. I’m not frivolous by any means, but still with the struggle. I sold my soul to the metaphorical company store and now I’m just laboring to etch away at the accumulated debt. Those company stores have many guises.

The longer I spend outside of college without working my degree, the harder it becomes to fall back on. Why would a company hire me when I “so obviously” wasn’t meant to be hired fresh out of college?


I haven’t been working the same genre of jobs for my entire life and I haven’t gotten dulled by the monotony. I’m fresh, though I come with a wealth of experience. I can relate to a whole hoard of different people through my challenges and my setbacks, my goals and my continued efforts. I know the dockworkers of Alaska and the college students who stand for 16-hour shifts to fillet King Salmon. I’ve interacted with farmers in the Ozarks, working alongside them in the fields and the greenhouses, knee deep in a river’s current and hard-packed shit of a barn stall. Where the customer stands, I once stood and worked. Familiarity goes a long way in the real world. Knowing how to react when the holiday rush starts to affect customer moods is a learned skill. Reading about it is not the same as having to seek out your own solutions. As much as it is needed; there isn’t a manual for life. College gives you the tools to use, but you still have to adapt them to fit your own unique situation. No wonder why students have to go through the constant debacle of needing experience to get work experience. A vicious circle it is. Though I’m not specifically working in my field right now, I really am getting the best experience to help me in my endeavors. Forget the longevity of my jobs and forget the locations, but remember the fact that I’d be hired back in a heartbeat.

Damn straight, I’m successful.


  1. You’re an inspiration. For real dude. This was perfectly said and I love yah for it. Keep on being you dude.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better Lizzy.

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