Posted by: tlnemethy | April 25, 2013

Model Behavior

It’s a little outside my forte, but I figured I’d give you guys an interview this time. I recently stumbled across a modelling photo pre-millenium and I figured some people might like to hear the mindset or the experiences of modelling at that time. So I went about contacting and had the good fortune of getting some first hand experience. Enjoy her recounting the events of the day.

It was the early 90’s when I stood, barely under my own power, on the purest sand of a gently warmed beach. I’d been drinking early. In those days it seemed that I couldn’t function without the plastic cup in my hand, would start to cry harsh, choking sobs if I found it empty or even if we had to part. I was truly a mess.

It was both the beginning and the end of my modelling career. But that day I was beautiful, even if I wasn’t completely there.

My hair was styled in the fashion of an average beachgoer; a casual mixture of loose dark strands that seemed both to separate and clump with the salt-laden sea air. I wasn’t looking at the camera when the shot was taken, instead something distant had caught my eyes and I’d turned slightly to the right to watch it.

I was wearing a bandeau top: the thin floral pattern covering only a bare minimum of skin. My skin was lightly bronzed from days under the sun, but I wasn’t wearing a smile. I don’t remember what caught my eye, or even what I was thinking about, but my expression holds a wistful sadness that betrays the romanticism of the atmosphere.

I tottered then, my feet swaying from their splayed stance in the form-fitting sand until my grass skirt flared and I plopped down into the sand.

I’m sure I cried then. I don’t remember much of those days besides t4504_88968300682_1671743_n(1)he stories I’ve heard through the years, but I’m sure I didn’t contain myself after toppling to the sand. I was much more emotional in those days.

But hey, modelling is something I just kind of fell into. It isn’t for everyone, and it definitely took its toll, but I had some good times posing. Here’s my most famous shot.

Har har har. I got you. I bet you all thought the poor girl had some sort of drinking problem. All wobbly and emotional without her plastic sippie cup. Lol. Nah, that’s me for all those people who can’t tell.

Cool story, bro.


  1. That pic was in the RCI magazine also.

    Wow have you changed!

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