Posted by: tlnemethy | April 4, 2013


Running isn't cool without tunesDo you ever think that your life would be infinitesimally better if you walked around all day to the beat of your own personal soundtrack? I think about it all the time and I know my brother is the master of claiming “songs of my life” whenever one strikes his fancy. Hello Jason Aldean’s Big Green Tractor? He doesn’t even have a tractor, so realistically the song makes no sense whatsoever when comparing the lives depicted within them. Whatever.

The songs I put in my own personal lifetime soundtrack don’t make much sense either, really. Most of them have a badass down stroke with a beat that really gets you pumped up to go out and accomplish something. Most of my days do not revolve around accomplishing more than a blog post, definitely not saving the world or anything spectacular.

Playlist I wish my life sounded like:

  • Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
  • Worms, Beth Orton
  • Ho Hey, The Lumineers
  • Sweet Nothing, Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch
  • Bedroom Hymns, Florence + The Machine
  • Pitter Pat, Erin Mccarley
  • Rocks and Water, Deb Talan
  • Word Up, Willis
  • Running Up That Hill, Placebo
  • Happy Together, Filter
  • Fully Alive, Flyleaf
  • Fast Car, Tracy Chapman
  • She Is Love, Parachute
  • It’s Time, Imagine Dragons
  • This Party Took a Turn For the Douche, Oates and Garfunkel (Not cool for watching in work environments: explosive profanities. Thanks Ed.)

I linked the best songs. Enjoy and think of your own playlists. What would you include? Most of mine are ridiculously motivating and only a few are mellow to the point of sitting in a dark room for an entire weekend. I wish I could just have all of them follow me around at the grocery store or when I walk barefoot to the mailbox. It would make everything so much more interesting, like wearing leather pants or having Tourette’s. Makes social situations painful, but also definitely interesting.

A day-to-day playlist seems like something I should look into, if only for the fact that it’d make my running on the treadmill so much more pleasant. Change of song equals change of pace equals the alternation between gasping for air and smoothly taking it all in.


  1. You are, of course, welcome for Garfunkel and Oates. Though I confess I have a distinct preference for the Cameo version of “Word Up!” … we had a broomball/floor hockey team by that name, and it was our theme song.


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