Posted by: tlnemethy | March 4, 2013


After having my fingers crossed that my little lemon of a car turns out alright, it finally passed inspection and got its sticker, so beware world. Road trips are in my future. Top down, maybe not until the weather warms up a bit, but there’s nothing like a good road trip to parts unknown to break in the official maiden voyage of Squirtle.

Of course, a road trip is not quite as fulfilling when done alone, unless you’re looking for some spiritual/personal enlightenment or really need some peace and quiet for your own thoughts. Anyone up for accompanying me on this journey and experiencing the thrill ride that is my stick-shift driving? Sign up here. New England off the beaten path awaits.

But for those of you who will not be able to join me, please browse my list of best movies for the wanderer:

  1. National Lampoons Vacation (a keeper, although I’m now fearful of killing any dog mistakenly tied to my bumper).
  2. Little Miss Sunshine (this is a top contender if only for the shared kinship of a VW and my secret desires to make a fool of myself at a children’s beauty pageant).
  3. Zombieland (oh come on, we all enjoyed it and it really does put your mind into preparing for the zombie apocalypse through cardio).
  4. Everything is Illuminated (just watch it, definitely made me cry). I also now want to name my dog Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.
  5. Tommy Boy(not necessarily entirely devoted to road tripping, but the motel scene of the journey is well worth the credit placement).

PS. The Lucky Ones and Thelma & Louise were also highly recommended, but not my top five.

Now I just need to figure out some road trip remixes to keep me tuned in when the radio tunes out. Suggestions are always welcome.

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