Posted by: tlnemethy | August 27, 2012

Naknek Day 12

Today I had my first break. And then my second break. Now I’m not quite sure when I’m supposed to go back to work. They aren’t very helpful in that case, pretty much they just tell you to wake up at random intervals throughout the day, get dressed and head in to work as if you were starting a new shift. There’s a Electronic Display System that flashes slides showing shift schedules, but they are so behind in updating it that you pretty much rely on a network of individuals to find you and make you go in to work.  I think I’ll probably have to work at the normal time.

In my breaks I slept for around 15 hours. I dreamt of surprising my mum at work without letting her know I was coming back from Alaska. Just kinda walking in with all my gear, probably smelly and gross looking, but I knew that she would be the happiest person ever to see me no matter how much I need a shower.   I really want that to be the case, but looking at the flights they posted today, it seems they liked me enough to keep me around a bit longer. My feet might not make it to the end of the season. They constantly tingle on the top, itch at the heel, have excruciating pain on the baby toes, and are numb everywhere else. Just to be sure they don’t need to be amputated quite yet I wiggle them every time I wake up.

Today I woke up and went straight to wiggling them with my fingers, already singing to them in my head, “this little piggy went to market…” My thumbs aren’t working properly and all my hands tingle like they don’t have enough circulation, but hey, at least they haven‘t been swollen like they were in the beginning. I feel like instead of writing about work and new experiences of Naknek, Alaska, I’m just documenting a medical experiment gone wrong. Maybe I’ll come out of this with some sort of super powers, let‘s just hope they aren‘t lame… or fish related. Off to bed for another few hours. At this point, all I want to do is go see the festival of the colors in Utah.

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