Posted by: tlnemethy | August 20, 2012

Naknek Day 11

They lied. We did another 16 today. Not only that, but there’s this mystery rash spreading like wildfire through the fishery. It started in packing on a bunch of girl’s asses and legs and now a few Fish Housers and even some Fillet workers have it. Two of my roommates have it and now I’m starting to wonder whether the red bumps on my legs are bug bites or the start of something more ominous. How many more health problems could arise here? I know of someone getting carpal tunnel here after only 17 days. Holy shit that’s fast. I can no longer feel the sides of either thumb, but hopefully I’ll leave with at least some feeling in my limbs, but who knows for sure. They started sending people home today. No warning besides a flier posted at noon to let you know you’re flying out in a few hours. Quite classy. I’m not even sure how they could get their flights booked out of Seattle. Do they sit in the airport there and hopefully have a laptop to find connecting flights? Gah, I’m really not looking forward to seeing that flier posted and having to make that call back home.

A supervisor told my roommate she needs to shower more. Or at least change her underwear. The hilarity ensues. I will definitely miss this constant upset of comic relief. Also, one of my best plant friends told me today that the only reason she talked to me that first week was because she thought I was Asian.  I’ve been told this my entire life, but when I confront people about it they can’t really tell me how they came to that conclusion. Apparently I give off a distinct Asian vibe, maybe that’s why I love the ethnic though bastardized versions of food. But hey, if a Filipino woman thinks I’m anything but a whitebread American kid from suburbia I take that as a complement.

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