Posted by: tlnemethy | June 1, 2012

Gone Fishin’… Almost

Because tonight was a day off from the dish pit, I actually had enough time to go out to the store before it closed. Usually, everything around here seems to shut down at a ridiculously early hour. Hello Houghton, I thought I’d left you for Sitka, but apparently you are distant cousins that very much resemble one another. I made it into the store with precisely enough time to locate my list of super sweet fishing gloves and sunglasses. ImageI was notified this morning that I’d be going out fishing tomorrow and had to prepare ASAP. Of course, when I was packing for Sitka, I picked up my sunglasses and thought to myself, I’ll never use these buggers in dreary Alaska. Boy was I fooling myself. The glare off the water is enough to blind you and realistically I’d rather keep the limited sight I have left.

I imagine my day to be sun filled and easy fishing, barely throwing out my line before a monster salmon or halibut snatches it up. More likely, as soon as we throw the line from the dock I’ll be Imagepuking my guts out over the side like classy individuals do. Good thing I inherited some Bonine (sea sickness meds) from a recently departed guest’s room. No he did not die, he just moved on. Wow, I really can’t get away from those death references. Alaska must be zombifying my brain.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be out fishing, catching the monsters of the ocean, and bringing back plenty of pics to show for it. I know reading a stagnant blog without pictures can get pretty boring pretty quickly. So instead, I’ll show you the deckhand I wish was going out on the boat with me tomorrow.

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