Posted by: tlnemethy | January 25, 2014

Where Da Cheese At?

Anyone who knows me would most likely attest to the fact that I love cheese, crackers and cheese, mac n cheese, cheese sticks, whatever. I’ll be one happy camper if you have cheese in your fridge you’re willing to share. Bonus points if it is a strange variety or my go to favorite smoked cheddar. I really should’ve been raised in Wisconsin. That’s how much I care about my ongoing romance with the curd. I ate so many mini baby bell cheeses one week  in second grade that I physically couldn’t bring  myself to approach the waxed discs for four years. Four whole years of eyeballing them as they sat in the fridge, desperately wanting to eat them, but not being able to. Forget Great Expectations’ Pip, it was I who knew unrequited love.

Anyways, I started working my new adult job. Not adult in that way, jeez. I guess I’m still transitioning into the position because mostly all I’ve been doing is forming a butt dent in my wheely-chair while I watch boring videos about business conduct and try not to chuckle with the terrible acting and cheeseball music in the anti-sexual harassment series. I knew transitioning from active work on the farm would be tough to do, but this isn’t tough, it’s just boring. My mind is doing the most work here, and right now it has the most trouble trying to sift through the bull network of the IT help services. Three weeks later and I still don’t have a phone number for my office. IMG_20140120_122439324

Well, one of the brightest portions of my day is the time spent lunching. Mostly I just pack a pb+j sandwich and a grapefruit so it isn’t the most thrilling, but food is wonderful in any situation.  But the other day, as we were hopping off the elevator to go back to our desks, we spotted a curious looking picture on the wall opposite the doors. It was a cartoon drawing of a wedge of cheese and an arrow pointing to the right. We gawked for a few seconds, internally debating whether to head back to our desks or check out the cheese clue. Curiosity got the best of us though, and we awkwardly filed around the corner into a maze of office cubicles, laughing at our new adventure.

No one really wanted to go first. It’s kinda strange to embark on a scavenger hunt that hasn’t been publicized, you don’t IMG_20140120_122701343know if you’ll reach the finish line only to find someone sitting there laughing at your stupidity. We filed through the office calling out the next cheese wedge we saw, yelling things like “over there” and “to the right!” It became such a thrill. Then finally, we rounded a corner and saw a conference room that had tables brimming with every cheese known to man. I had already eaten lunch, but instantly started piling up a plate with baby bells and a special cajun zesty curd, one of those squishy soft cheeses and even a cheese danish. Magical. I think that cheese fest should be repeated near every new hire’s start date. My moral skyrocketed that day and I still find myself searching for elusive cheese wedges on door frames and whiteboards.

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