Posted by: tlnemethy | September 11, 2013


For someone who was deathly terrified of highways and all things motorized vehicle, I’m definitely doing a lot of driving lately. As much as I still love being chauffeured around, the long drives get exponentially less boring when I’m the one doing the navigating and steering. I can stop driving whenever I feel like it, turn into the most random truck stops or highway destinations, and sing as loudly and obnoxiously as possible without fear of being judged by those nosy passengers. It is pretty sweet.

Well, I’m on the road again, practically. Looks like I’ll be making the ridiculously long drive from the northlands of Iowa to the midlands of Arkansas. Eh. Not that bad. Luckily I’ve got some stops to make in the middle and, hopefully,  some people to see in St. Louis, MO. Not a place I’ve ever spent much time, in fact I think I’ve only stepped foot in the states very briefly.

So, I’m going to be an organic farmer for a while. Really? Hells yeah. There’s nothing I love more than mushrooms. And beans. Maybe some garlic too. Why not combine them all into the best gig ever? I’m gonna be a grower! * Mentally slaps self in face and mumbles, “not a show-er.”

Let’s hope I enjoy this wonderful bounty of edible delicacies that I’ll get to sing to and perform the rain dance for because it holds oh so much potential. Maybe I should’ve brushed up on my mystical rain man calling. I hear Arkansas is pretty toasty this time of year. Sure, I missed out on the unbearable summer, but its gotta still be hot enough to melt my sneaker soles. Hotter than blue blazes, I think the phrase is.

But hey, any place I can bring my much boots to is a place I’m thoroughly looking forward to working. I can also fairly well predict that Arkansas will not give me the frostbite as its fellow A-state Alaska did. What more could a girl possibly ask for? So, a toast to the road trip ahead and the highway behind. As my Irish friends said, “Sláinte.”

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