Posted by: tlnemethy | August 11, 2013

Flying Fish

DSCF0146I don’t do heights. In fact, I’ve narrowly avoided my death many times in my life and I’d rather not tempt fate any further. Roller coasters… no way. Violent sports… uh uh. Ropes courses… gotta be done for the children.

I made it through the course, bringing up the rear and having zero professional support since the women running the course were too busy consoling my dramatic kid as she spazzed out on the course. Watching her freak out actually helped me get over it though, I mean if she never fell to her death after flailing on a tight rope for forty minutes, then what were the odds I would? Sure, I’ve got a few pounds on her, and maybe even an inch or two. But seriously. I’m not gonna jerk the harness all around and blubber my way across. Hell, even if I did die, at least I’d have a really cool storyDSCF0142 for my eulogy. And really, isn’t that what everyone wants from life?

So, I’m pretty much just running over all the obstacles because I don’t want to spend too much time on them, and I’d probably over think things more than usual and get into the fetal position until the fire department came to remove me from the wire like an electrocuted squirrel on the power lines. Anywhooo. I’m out of breath. Just check out this pure determination on my face as I cross the Indiana Jones rope bridge from hell. Also, that is a pure action shot right there. Check out the leg pumping action as I haul ass over my sure death. At this point I also had to pee like Seabiscuit which is quite the motivation.

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