Posted by: tlnemethy | July 29, 2013

Know Your Counselor

Know your Counselor is one of my favorite camp-wide nightly activities. It’s similar to marriage games in which the bride has to guess what answer her hubby would say if he could. Consider me the hubby and my children the bride. Not only are the questions awkward and invasive and super-telling, but the children lord over you and expect their questions to be met with precise, rapid-fire answers. DSCF0004

“What bra size do you wear?” is a famous question currently outlawed at camp, though it still gets asked by the children. Apparently, a few years back the question was asked of a counselor with large boobs. Her campers thought they were FFs and she was embarrassed in front of the entire camp. Her boobs were not quite that memorable.

Another is “Do you wad or fold your toilet paper?” This one gets asked ALL the time. For your information, I’m a folder. One of the most hilarious moments of the evening was when one of our specialists who just so happened to be male answered. “Be a man, use your hand” to that question. Laughter ensued.

Favorite camp meal is asked a bunch, as well as where the counselor last worked. Everyone knows me as Alaskan Salmon plant girl. I feel like I’m leaving a sweet legacy behind.

That night I was also asked what kind of cartoon character I’d be and I had zero idea of which one I should pick. I spent a good thirty seconds wracking my brain until I stumbled upon the thought of Spongebob’s dumbass friend, Patrick. Patrick Starr was definitely me. I wrote down the answer and waited for my cabin to shout out what they thought, knowing full-well that they wouldn’t have a clue. Drumroll please. PATRICK STARR. WTF. I think these kids know me better than I know myself.

Also, don’t know if I shared with you, but I’m also know as The Birther at camp. Rumors are churning like crazy and usually I know where the grain of truth lies, but this one has me stumped at a major miscommunication.

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