Posted by: tlnemethy | July 13, 2013

Rock That Peel

So yeah, I’m guessing you already understand that I lost that bet on the peeling sunburn. I feel like it was rigged, really. I mean, how would I be able to see the burn severity on my back? Nah. Totally not feeling gypped at all. Anyways, I cut a plastic Walmart bag into a “sterile” dressing because I REALLY wanted to win the bet, but alas poor Yorick I did not.

So, after my first few daily peel checks courtesy of the Assistant Waterfront Director, one of my burn bubbles turned into the world’s smallest peel. I didn’t even bother getting it okayed before I went to the Camp owner and begged for a dress. At least that way I figured it’d be a surprise fr the waterfront staff and my girls were going on a trip and it would be the last opportunity for me to embarrass myself in front of them, at least for a week.

I thought the dress I was given was just a tad too understated and normal for a losing better, but I kept it on the back burner in case I needed to rock it. Then I went to the log cabin for some drama style child-dresses, but my bodacious bod couldn’t fit in the most ridiculous of the gowns so I had to lower my standards. I settled on some velvet number with a large whole split in the butt, and of course, I wasn’t rocking some appropriate or even somewhat attractive underwear so I did the next best thing and wrapped my Michigan Tech sweatshirt around the back and went casual chic. I was also wearing my Alaskan rain boots if that helps with the imagery.

By the time breakfast was over and I’d posed with the winning betters, I was already borderline heat stroke. I jogged to my cabin and took off that blasted dress to wear the hippie Neo-African number that my boss had given me. At least that one was breezy and somewhat doable. Let’s just say I was a decently good loser. All the kids were asking me why I was dressed that way and all I told them was that I always dress fancy on Tuesdays. They didn’t buy it. Smart little buggers. Since then, I’ve been one of the most photographed people on camp grounds and find black and white portraits of myself hanging to dry on the line in Photography.


  1. I new you were losing that bet!

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