Posted by: tlnemethy | June 7, 2013

Rock Paper Scissors Battle

Have you ever wanted to lead a day surrounded by a screaming hoard of fans utterly devoted to your success? I got to experience this my first day of camp. I got out of my car after driving down the long rutted driveway and immediately saw a pack of young people (early twenties) playing basketball about a hundred yards beyond the parking lot. I, of course, was thrown for a loop. Why on earth would there be a bunch of young people working at camp with me? Are they campers just hanging out before we open to the younger kids?

I had no idea.

So, in my wonderfully way of problem solving, I sat in my car for about twenty minutes trying to wrack my brain for any clue of whether or not I should approach. I immediately regretted my camp job, my mind telling me that I’m way to antisocial to be a bubbly and stereotypical camp counselor. I mean c’mon, all my camp experiences come from either The Parent Trap or horror movies.

I finally locked Squirtle in the grassy lot and made my way to my fellow counselors. It was awkward at first, me being slightly sleep-deprived and anxious from the drive as well as the fact that I’d arrived like three hours early. I got welcomed in and shown my cabin, threw my shit in the cubby and showered off the road.

Back to the title of this blog though. Really, Tori. Where are you going with this article? After all the hubbub had died down and I was managing to keep my feet grounded through the swarms of killer mosquitoes, we all took a walk to the kickball field to do group icebreaker activities and I admit being extremely nervous when we circled up.

Expecting an evening of tediously lame group activities, I wasn’t overly thrilled to bond, but we immediately threw down. First we had to introduce ourselves around the circle and describe ourselves as any kitchen utensil. WTF. Yeah. Of course I, wanting to be totally original, picked an egg separator (an item I’ve never felt the need to use). There were a bunch of us so I’d figured for some overlap. Score. I was the one and only separator in a sea of big spoons and coffee makers.

But that was not the best part of the evening. Oh no. No way.

Then we had to do a massive battle of rock paper scissors. Or paper rock scissors as one counselor called it. So wrong. Just so wrong it burned your ears going in.  There were over a hundred of us that first night. Just imagine a mob of people turning to their neighbor and battling for the title. The trick though, was that whenever a person lost, they had to start screaming the name of the winner in a chant of encouragement and eventually, as the battles raged, a mob would follow you around the field until two separate and opposing mobs collided for the championship. It was a thing of beauty. And it got me to learn some names.

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