Posted by: tlnemethy | June 1, 2013

Red Sky at Morning

So, I completed the second leg of my journey for work, and now I only have one leg left before I’m camping the summer away with a bunch of kidlets. I’m actually really stoked about working with kids since I haven’t gotten that chance very often.

Driving through Wisconsin to get to Iowa was nerve-wracking, as the morning I left it was detailed in the weather report that there were going to be severe thunder storms and possible tornadoes pretty much my entire route. I don’t love tornadoes. In fact, Twister is probably still my favorite terror-inducing film of all time. We all know there’s nothing scarier than real life.

The radio kept cutting out while I was driving and pretty much every five minutes a new broadcast spouting counties under tornado watches would crackle through. Tornado watches. Not tornado warnings. Watch means look out, warning is just a blasé oh you might have a bit of thunder and the conditions could possibly result in a tornado type announcement.

That’s another thing. I know the city or town I’m driving through, but never the county. So every time a new announcement cropped up I’m just looking in the rear-view for a huge funnel cloud to swoop down right on top of poor little Squirtle. She’s a good car, but I don’t think a convertible top is meant for battling raging tornado winds.

I ran through this huge dark spot when I was about midway through Wisconsin. I was watching it out my car window and thinking to myself that I’d never hit it because the GPS was taking me the opposite direction. Wrong. GPS wants you to hit inclement weather. Luckily for me, very few people were on the roads and the torrential downpour only lasted ten or so minutes. The wipers were going full speed ahead and I still couldn’t see any lines on the highway, so I just tried to stay in the middle of the entire west-bound highway.

After that dark patch, I only hit rain in small spurts but always with a relatively light sky ahead of me. Finally moving into Iowan terrain, I noticed the “highway” was only a country road that ran at decently high speeds through farmland. One thing I noticed about those roads though, was that every so often you’d come across a red splat on the road. At first I thought it was the death site of some poor creature that ventured too far from the woodlands, but then I saw it more and more often, leading me to believe that instead of some gruesome death reminder it was more likely some type of patchwork for the road.

The jury’s still out on the real explanation though.

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