Posted by: tlnemethy | May 23, 2013

TMNT Doors of Art

I read about a blogger who travels the world and photographs manhole covers in every local she visits. Each one is novel in its own way. Can’t say that I’ve ever really noticed manhole covers besides avoiding them for fear of being that one in a thousand chance of falling through. Let me tell you; the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not all that friendly when you fall through their ceiling.

I guess we take it for granted the beauty under our clip-clopping heels, or in my case sneakers. I wish I could remember the writer’s name so I could give her a proper reference, but the mention will have to do some good on its own. Ever since I read the article I’ve been wandering around every new place just creeping on the manhole covers. Some are plain, with only the town’s name and year of establishment while others are intricately designed to portray some notion of the town.

West Palm Beach was more intricate than usual with its swirling curves and laborious overlay. I stood for way too long outside that grocery store, and in the middle of the street, before I moved on. Who designed that metal circle? Did someone from the city pore over what made West Palm Beach beautiful?  Go through drafts and drafts before someone deemed it would suffice?

How many people noticed those manhole covers? I’m hoping they walk by and see them every day and say to themselves, “yeah, I did that. My art lives on in this city.”



  1. Not that I look at manhole covers very often (daily), but there is a unique cover in Nashua, NH. I have been told it is uniqueto the city. Can you guess what it looks like?

  2. I really had no idea so I Googled it. And came across this wonderful article showcasing the properties of drain covers.

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