Posted by: tlnemethy | April 16, 2013

Clearing House


RIP beautiful blue dress. I hope your new wearer treats you well.

Clearing house, and selling my valuables. That’s all that’s been on my mind this week. I already weedled down most of my material goods down to a manageable fill-up-the-car-and-mosey sized load when I left Houghton, but it tends to accumulate the most in the spaces you’ve considered your own since childhood. There’s the cricket I made in wood shop class and the pottery mug with the broken handle; the mementos and trinkets that I can’t bear to part with even though they play no significant role in my life.

The first to go though, and really the easiest to part with are the stockpiled prom, military ball, and wedding dresses. Wear em once and the fun’s gone. Not really, but how often do you get to wear a floor length corseted gown? In my life, not often. I put them on Craigslist, hoping prom season hasn’t passed me by without me knowing it. All of them. And since I was a pretty good bargain hunter they never cost me very much in the first place, so making fifty bucks is a good deal.

Mexico tans: flesh bibs.

Mexico tans: flesh bibs.

The first one has been snatched away already and now I’ve got this sinking feeling of seller’s remorse; a definitive I shouldn’t have done that moment. If there’s ONE dress I should have kept it was that one. The perfect dress. The one from those latent fairy tale dreams of childhood. But alas, it is gone and though I fear I will never find a dress quite so perfect, what is done is done.

I can guarantee though, that none of the other dresses up for sale will have any influence on my emotions. They are generic and sparkly versions of thousands of other prom dresses out there, and nothing memorable ever happened while wearing one of them (besides rocking an extreme set of tan lines or getting lost).

Anyone in New England looking to buy a dress? Try my advertisement at

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