Posted by: tlnemethy | February 14, 2013


The snow’s melting and the puddles are growing and all I can think about is how quickly time is going by. I graduated college almost a year ago. I don’t think being in school felt like it went by this quickly, and I knew I was graduating a full year ahead of schedule. Where am I going to be in a year? In five? Will I need a raincoat or winter boots or will my life be full of tan lines and tank tops? I don’t know. Does anyone really know?

Sure, I’ve got plans. Plans of grandeur and the accomplishment of impossibilities, but plans nonetheless. Travel and stability don’t normally go hand in hand though do they? Not as far as I can tell. They are two polarities that compliment each other, but fail to live comfortably alongside each other. My friends are getting engaged and married, people my age, the young folk I still relate to as if we were in the same day-to-day high school class. It would’ve been weird getting engaged in high school, possible, but strange to comprehend. But now that everyone is pairing off and creating whole lives so far from where I’d pictured them to start I can’t help but find  myself playing catch up. Truly, I do not need a boyfriend, and definitely not a marriage at this point, but the idea of creating a new facet to your life is intriguing beyond belief.

How will I be known? Graduated early and does nothing but work? Occasionally bowls with old people? Stagnant.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sounds pretty reasonable to me anyways. Let’s change things up, take chances while I’m young enough to not get stuck in them. Time is upon us, and it seems that it forever will be. A constant variable in a sea of possibilities. Though we hug the harbor with our battered sails, it is time to put wind in the sheets and fall off the end of the world.

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