Posted by: tlnemethy | February 8, 2013

New England Found Nemo

Work will NEVER be cancelled, they say. We are ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL, they say. The end of the line, through thick or thin, without regards to our own welfare we seek only to continue answering phones for you.

Then Nemo hit. The biggest storm since the winter of ’78 and we preemptively shut down schools and roads, maintaining a curfew enforced by jailtime and frustrated cops with frozen mustache hairs. The storm is rated by the remaining brave souls manning registers and storefronts. Once the local grocery store shuts down its doors you know that you are in for a rough storm. I heard tell that they never shut down during the storm of ’78, forcing workers to trudge through drifts and treacherous conditions in order to serve the precious few customers who needed 253945_4715153270671_598595931_n(1)supplies.

Today, that very same grocery store closed its doors early and BEFORE I got let out of work. Snow schmo. New Englanders are built for this shit. And I guess it really was due because we haven’t seen much more than a flurry all winter.

I’ll tell you what: I most likely won’t have work tomorrow afternoon, and my bull riding show is gonna get cancelled, so I’m finally going to get the chance to put on my snowshoes and wander around someplace better than the piled up plow drift at the edge of the road. Throw your hands in the air if you are stoked for some snow.

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