Posted by: tlnemethy | January 10, 2013

When Auto Save Fails You

I’m upset. WordPress, you have failed me. WTF am I supposed to do when you not only tell me “draft saved at…” but you PUBLISH what I’ve written only for me to look at it and think, wow that looks really different than I thought it would turn out. Where are my words? There’s nothing there but a title. I WROTE OVER A THOUSAND WORDS AND YOU COULDN’T BOTHER TO EVEN SAVE A SINGLE VERSION?!

I have learned a valuable lesson. But that doesn’t mean I am not still upset with you. What a gem I had. Now, it is nothing more than a wasted crick in my back and a sour expression. I will rewrite you when I have more time. But for now, I curse you, WordPress and your faulty saving and publishing mechanisms.

How I Feel:

  1. Pissed. You have let me down when I needed you the most.
  2. Tired. It is exhausting writing when you won’t even publish it. Aren’t you supposed to be non-judgmental and flexible with novice writers?
  3. Embarrassed. Why didn’t I Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C when I had the chance?! WHY?!
  4. Frustrated. I thought I could go back and solve my problem through the revisions tab of saved drafts, but nooooooo, you didn’t save a single one. You tell me you save every two minutes and yet two hours of work is fruitless. An outrage I say.
  5. Annoyed. This would happen tonight. Not only is Lola snoring, but I now will go to bed grumpy. I am Grumpy Cat.

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