Posted by: tlnemethy | December 22, 2012

Return to Sitka

CIMG3305I miss West Palm Beach. Florida never held that much appeal to me, I felt it was an over-hyped  land of old people baking themselves under the sun before they got to “the eternal hibernation. ” I still mostly feel that way, but it is a nice place to get away to. Let’s hope I’m not leathery and droopy when I kick the bucket though. The wonderful part about leaving all these places harboring even more friends is that someday they have to come visit me in New Hampshire. The odds increase of a visitor with each invite sent out.

So, lets just say that when my first home-visiter came I was pretty stoked to show off the New England atmosphere I take for granted on a regular basis. I was sure there would be something we could do. Beth flew in on the tail-end of my The-Proposal-Rockport-Massachusetts-Sitkafirst day of part-time work at a department store. I was tired, but even so, the excitement fueled me just enough to drive cautiously and with white knuckles to the Boston airport. I hate traffic. Traffic on unfamiliar routes is almost unbearable.

But since it was so late by the time we made it home we had to save our adventuring for the next day. Beth and I met in Sitka, Alaska (the namesake for this blog) when we were working for a fishing lodge and we’ve been making grand plans to travel ever since. So, because I’m a horrible trip – planner, I decided to surprise her with a trip back to Sitka. CIMG3302Not really, but the only parts of Sitka I knew before flying in were from the movie The Proposal, with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  Coincidentally, this film was actually shot in New England and I happened to know the featured town pretty well. Rockport, Massachusetts is the site of a few days playing hooky from school with my mother.

Sure, we broke down in the middle of a rotary/roundabout/circular death trap of driving, but that is for another time and another blog. darkness was rolling in and we only had enough time to check out the iconic red barn of the movie before moving onto the shops. And let me tell you, when in Rockport you’ll never leave without some sort of salt-water taffy. We each bought a bag and wandered around the harbor and the rough cut CIMG3304streets until we’d seen everything that could be seen in the off-season.

Old school lumber made up the docks, cracked and splintered, but still sturdy after years of soaking in the salt. Usually, I’m hesitant to walk on something so old, but no matter the give under my feet I knew that the only thing below me to fear was the chill of the ocean. I can swim, not gracefully, but enough to splash my way to one of those old rusted buoys or a barnacle crusted ladder.

I’d like to live in a small town on the coast, to be able to look out my window at the sea as it rocks the boats moored there. The people who live near the sea are sturdy and proud, they drift with the current and crash against the rocks on occasion, but they soak the sea into their veins and remain surefooted on even the most mercurial of grounds.


  1. After 43 years in So. Florida, I think I forget what a mountain looks like. Having leathery skin? – You are either in the hot, sharp sun or air-dehydrating air conditioning. I don’t remember what the attraction was that first brought me here.

  2. hmmmm……. leathery skin, that’s all I see when people mention florida, snowbirds at their best! Someday soon I hope to be a snowbird, don’t think I would ever become a half back tho.
    Love that salty warm brine.

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