Posted by: tlnemethy | October 22, 2012

Follow Me

Follow me into this brave world and you will find yourself limited and bordered by only yourself. These are the things that I was told. These are the things that had me scrambling to find myself in a haven of other polarities devoid of any True North. We’ve forgone the padded walls for smooth metallics and spit-shined silks, and have grown to love and cherish the corners that we once feared as too solid to bypass. Possession is smaller, but even more grave, even more finite in its obligations. Surround yourself with the soft and you too will morph inside that pod to a world befitting the before and the mundane.

Be gentle and kind in hopes that it will return to you one day, that it will savor you as you’d hoped. Be small and shadowed and it will pass over you as you’d always secretly wished, but publicly denounced. Where on that map are you? Can you pinpoint it? We may merely be an essence over a definite, at least as we are. In following me you follow a harbinger, but as I follow myself there is nothing but fluffy clouds and tangible emotions.

Up, up, up they say. Move onwards evermore. But there are limits to where our feet can carry us before we must swim or before we must plummet. There are ways. But we all need a passion to remain, even to be mercurial. Follow that passion, for it is the dimpled wall or the hollow shell that never forgoes you. We’ve been conditioned to leave ourselves behind like a puddle of spilled tears or a mismatched sock, but we are only a collaboration of those mismatches and eccentricities. Should we leave a piece behind, the map is blurred with lacking sureness. The tail will never pin to the donkey and he will wander the wood with dismay. You can change, you can improve, you can light up or crush the pack, but the tobacco will always scent your fingertips.

Embrace. The scent is uniquely you.

And I can follow the cloud embers as the gust blows me closer to pinpointing exactly where I am and where I may go. Chasing my tail will always lead me in circles, but it can never betray me by leading me astray.



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