Posted by: tlnemethy | June 6, 2012

A Beautiful Day in Sitka

While days off are few and far between, I’ve come to sneak moments of enjoyment from many small things I notice around the area. ImageBut today, I actually got a half day off of work, granting me and a choice few of my coworkers an excursion to civilization. You can tell how withdrawn I’d become from my moments of sheer ecstasy at finding a True Value home goods store. I literally walked in and smiled just because I’d seen more “normal” looking people between the shelves there than I had in a few weeks at the lodge. Sure, most of the people I work with are extremely enjoyable, but you can only take the same people in the same setting for so long.Even though they still surprise me with some  amazing messages on my computer screen (see post it picture), its nice to see people besides those who work in the lodge.And yes, those teeny tiny lungs are in fact a walnut half.

Not gonna lie, Alaska is a sketchy place. You make eye contact with some of the locals and regret it, while others will become the Imagebest friends you’ll never have. I love wandering around and seeing things that I’ve dubbed truly Alaskan, while realistically they are just things I’ve never encountered before. These are some of their pictures. Saying that was really more Law & Order than I was hoping, but I read it that way nonetheless. Notice the spelling for the pencil topper. Also, some of their advertising strategies are just really weird. Kiss My Face. Really? Kiss My Face?! How odd of a command is that? That is actually a legitimate brand for all Imagekinds of stuff up here. At least I’d picked up the mouthwash, some of the other stuff really didn’t make sense at all. And my personal favorite discovery of all. Drum roll please. ImageHeadlights are for cars. Love. Whoever came up with that slogan and design should look me up so we can become the best friends of all time.

I’ve also eaten the most delectable item of Sitkan cuisine today. Not to brag or anything, but this bugger was impressive. I don’t normally eat burgers in Sitka, but when I do, I get the Luau Burger. Did anyone feel the most interesting man alive through that, or was it just me? A double hockey puck of meat topped with honey ham, and three thick rings of pineapple on a pretzel bun makes for the most adventurous burger of my limited palette. Although a portion of it was eaten by a Texan, I did manage to scarf the remainder, managing a massive food baby in the process. We’d highfived on the deal of sharing our burgers, similar to creating a blood pact, because we both had such a dilemma of choosing between the specialties. These were of course, the Luau Burger and the Freedom burger. The Freedom being a double hockey puck layered with fried pickles and aImage delectable sauce but instead of a bun lid and bottom, there were two gooey grilled cheeses. I made a decision and it was great, but those two grilled cheeses do still have my heart going pitter patter. Well, maybe I might just be having heart palpitations due to the fat pooling in my arteries.


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