Posted by: tlnemethy | May 20, 2012

Bum Attire and Friend Love

I misjudged my occupation somewhat when I packed for Alaska. Instead of the professional and newly purchased dress wear, ImageI instead have been wearing my one pair of junk jeans and my 6th grade surf trunks. There is just really no point of getting nice clothes all scaly or bleached when I could just look like a bum. I pull off the bum look quite nicely mind you.I’ve perfected the art of laundering clothes and sheets and generally only see sunshine (well mostly rain) from the small window of the laundry nook. Instead, I spend hours upon hours watching the spin cycle.

Image Or correcting the grammar of whichever poor soul had my job in the nook. Whoever it was seems very frustrated, and very excited at the same time. I frown upon the use of exclamation marks and many people know this. There is really no reason to exclaim something in such a way. As I was told, don’t tell that someone exclaimed something, show it through the surrounding text. I have a feeling that frustration runs rampant in the scenic paradise that is Sitka. Those who are  attracted to such places are generally the ones who don’t mind the pungent aroma that is fish carcass. I may be pretty laid back, but the meat wagon smells more like a serial killer decomposing ground than normal “meat.” Sad part is, I think its growing on me. Sure, its expensive and wet, but everyone wanders around town with dogs and raincoats. How quaint is that? I love raincoats and the scent of wet dog. It reminds me of when my house floods. Oh be still my homesick heart.

I got a letter today. Sure it looks like it was written by a schizophrenic who couldn’t choose a Imagemedium, but it was something I’d been looking forward to for a while. I miss the girls from my lacrosse team. Only they could produce the kind of awesomeness required to make letters so badass. Because it also came with four separate pictures of one person I also feel like a creeper. Emilee, I want you to know that I tucked them into the paneling between my bunk and the one above it. Your letter did say, “The pictures are for you…look @ them EVERYDAY!!! :D” Notice the use of exclamation marks.  Now I cannot possibly get away from them. Thanks again.

ImageWeird Alaska knowledge: Garbage cans are totally odd-shaped here. For some reason, most likely bears and the other wildlife roaming the street corners, they are extra heavy-duty. I approve in that I don’t have to roll them anywhere. No moving of the garbage cans for me. They sit, like mini dumpsters, waiting for the garbage truck to roll around and scoop em up. So adorable.

I’d also like to share with you a picture of me in my rubber boots. Today was the first day I was allotted a pair and I was ecstatic. My life would be complete, if only they were yellow. Also, please admire the sexy Alaska sweatshirt I wear in the processing room. It smells of fish and pure adrenaline. This is my life.

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