Posted by: tlnemethy | May 18, 2012

Working to Travel or Travelling to Work?

Up until the past few days, I’ve always had this distinctive plan set in my mind where I’ll find a job that gives me the opportunity to make enough money to travel the world. I’ve since come to realize the flaw in my plan. One of the Texans told me that it is better to travel for work than it is to work for travel. I can see the truth in that. Why bother spending your hard earned cash on travel expenditures when you can just migrate from place to place in search of a meaningful, but temporary job?It is the perfect plan for anyone who has ever wanted to travel and who still is unsure of what they’d like to do for the rest of their lives. I fit into both categories. Besides, a new place is a new blog and while I could get my adventure in so can those who read.

I think it is settled. The Texans might have a hookup for a horse ranch in Brazil and I’d really like to see something completely different. Besides, there’s so much room left in my head for learning new things. I now know not to touch the spines on a rockfish (totally poisonous) or expect too much from matches labeled “strike anywhere.” My knowledge base has increased three-fold since graduating college. Maybe it was just a way for me to reach a higher plane of learning rather than prepare me for the real world. Because only the real world can prepare you: you need reality’s boot in your ass to get your perspectives right.

ImageI think I felt the toe of that boot ever since the day I walked across the stage at graduation. Getting booted from the nest sure has a way of letting you fly or die. I’m flapping, but really, at this point I’m coasting more than I’m ascending.And to show this point, I’ve added a picture of an eagle flying directly into the side of a building. For being so majestic, some of them sure do seem like they plummeted from the nest as a last ditch effort to prove Darwinism.

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