Posted by: tlnemethy | May 12, 2012

Long Hours Make For Very Tired Eyes

Today I worked for longer than I’d normally want to be awake. I like this job and hate it at the same time. I love that I get to do advertising and write blogs and come up with schnazzy slogans, but I hate not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. I asked my boss tonight what I’d be tasked with tomorrow and she shrugged, laughed, and blew me off. She has no idea either. I am the type of person to need mental preparation. At this point, I don’t care if I’m scrubbing toilets anymore, it just doesn’t surprise me when I’m assigned to housekeeping, but it does seem off when I have an assigned task half completed and am then reassigned to something completely new. Whatever, it adds character.

I just spent the better part of five hours rearranging log books for the fishing vessels to be chartered out. Luckily Ed, my partner in crime, was with me or I might have gone insane. I need to work on my fluidity as a person. I can see that in how I react to being thrust into these unscheduled and impromptu tasks. If order is how I live my life chaos is how it will end.

I have found enjoyment this week in the discovery of a creature rarely seen spotted around Sitka. I was told about the mysterious and often thought of as mythical “Lion Dog” once I first arrived. This poor beast roams the streets and footpaths near the harbor, completely without a perfect mate, aimlessly wandering in the hopes of finding his significance in another. He swishes his tail back and forth and pads down to the waterfront, shaking his dark tufted mane against the wind. I find solace in this miserable, yet amusing creature. I’m sure many have wondered what kind of fool would shave their dog into the semblance of a lion, I know I have. Apparently, that fool lives in Sitka.

Now my main goal in life is to find out what drove this guy to torment his pet. Was he warned? ImageYou know, “Brutus, if you don’t start sitting when I tell you to I’m gonna shave you into a lion,” or “Sampson, why are you afraid of mice? If you don’t toughen up I’ll make it so not even mice are scared of you.” Seriously, did he pee on the carpet one too many times?  So many questions for the entity that is Alaska. I’m trying really hard to get a picture of this beast, but he is very elusive. Instead you will have to settle for a picture of my new best friend: Das Boot Dryer. When my sneaks aren’t even wet I throw em on this thing and that way they’ll be extra toasty for the morning. I feel very sneaky because my roommate probably wonders how my shoes get so damn wet every night.

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