Posted by: tlnemethy | May 7, 2012

Uninhibited God’s Country

Where I go to college, well actually, where I went to college was known as God’s Country. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan seemed to me the most naturally beautiful location on the face of the earth. Granted, I haven’t seen a majority of the earth, but if I could have guessed, it would have been a contender. That just goes to show exactly how much I can realize about natural beauty.

Flying into Alaska last night, I began to doubt my judgement about the UP because I have never seen anything that made me want to be a painter so much in my life. Coming through the solid bank of fog and clouds on the descent, I was nervous about what first glimpse I might get. Of course, this is generally due to the absolute horror I always feel when landing in an airplane. Take-offs and continuous flights don’t bother me, just the landing.

Artists would have a field day if they ever flew into Alaska. I mean, there’s nothing so amazing to see than the wilderness  sprawling out around you. Writers are good, but I think even they would have a distinctive disadvantage when trying to do justice to the natural wonders of an uninhibited God’s Country. I’ve seen more forest, and water, smelled more fresh air and rain, and heard more bald eagles and lapping water than I ever could have outside of this area. On the plane I mentioned to my seatmate that I would probably never leave, but that was because I never wanted to get on another plane again, not because I’d developed any affection for the entity that was Alaska. I now see the attraction pulling me in, scooping me up like eagle claws from my lazy swim through adventure.

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